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A 20 year-old college student and self-taught artist who dabbles in both traditional and digital art.
This blog mostly consists of Faye's original works with her heterogeneous taste in music on the sides.
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Short Update

It just so happens that I will have long vacant periods next semester - I will have no class every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I can’t believe it myself. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing though…but I’d like to see it as an opportunity to improve my art skills - in other words, I might open for a number of commissions! Yey or ney?

The reason behind why I only have classes two days every week next semester is that I spent my previous sems (including summer) advancing my subjects - both majors and minors. Hah, I guess being an irregular student may have a small benefit sometimes. But kidding aside, taking subjects in advanced demands more effort.

I’m still planning on what commissioned works will I be able to offer and the price range for each type (Seriously, no more freeloading this time!). I will accept commissions outside the Philippines but it’ll probably be limited to countries in Asia, U.S, and Europe. So, if you’re interested, maybe you guys can visit my blog once or twice next week. It’s already our semester break but I still have academic responsibilities here and there. Quite ironic. I’ll post about it soon because I want to carefully plan these kind of things so it may take a while.

Thank you!

Hello, hello! I’ve noticed almost every post of mine starts with me apologizing why I’m not very active on this blog because of the same reasons - school, fleeting motivations, etc.

Anyway, here’s a WIP shot of a piece I’ve been working on. It’s not going to look like that when it’s done. I’m going to use the character for a bigger piece which I can hopefully work on after this semester. There are two more illustrations I’ll work on in the next few days.

I decided to add a background for this so it wouldn’t look so plain.

Hey guys! I made an online portfolio on Carbonmade. I’m not a premium user although I think it’s a great site because I can sort out my works into projects. Unlike here on my Tumblr and Behance, it’s more organized and neat. No offense to Tumblr and Behance though! They’re good in their own ways.

There’s a limit to what I can post on the portfolio as a non-paying user so I had to pick what I think was the “best” of my works in the past years. Most of you who have followed me long ago might’ve seen them here on my blog.

I’m also thinking about changing my blog’s appearance but I have no idea about coding CSS on Tumblr so I have yet to find a proper theme. I like my current one but I just feel like it’s time for a change. I don’t know when but I hope I can find the right time for it.

Have a nice day!

Part of a personal drawing I finished a few days ago. Will upload the whole piece next.

Hey guys! As promised, I would upload the scans of the drawings I made for Arya Stark/Maisie Williams recently, so, here you go! I also uploaded this to observe if I have made progress on the second one (right). The time difference between these two is approximately five weeks.

Also, good news! My first drawing got posted on Game of Thrones’s official Tumblr blog! I just found out tonight and I couldn’t be more excited and honored that I finally had the chance to have my work put up there. I always thought that their standards are quite high when it comes to fan-art. I mean, have you seen other works by other fans? Most of them are way more brilliant than mine. My drawing Daenerys I made a few months ago didn’t make it so this one was a big achievement for me. Thank you so much!

I’m currently attempting to submit the second one but the submission link is having some trouble of its own.

"I don’t need saving." - Arya Stark, Game of Thrones S04E10 - The Children

12x9 inches | Graphite pencils on watercolour paper.

I don’t know why some pictures appear grainy now (seriously freaking out if it’s a problem with my phone). But anyway, I’m planning to upload scans with a decent quality of this one and my previous drawing of Arya in a few days.

This is quite an achievement for me so I’d like to extend my big thanks to:

  1. the parent who was interested in buying my drawing
  2. mama and papa for funding my art materials (lol) and supporting me all the way
  3. Lykke Li, Kodaline, Chvrches, and Keith Keniff for composing songs and music that made me stay sane and hyped up while working on this
  4. My closest friends and followers of this blog for your support on my works

Arya has always been one of my top favorites in the books and the tv series (aside from protagonists Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Tyrion Lannister, Hodor, and the antagonists Melisandre and Tywin Lannister - RIP, mi’lord). She simply inspires me to have guts even in the hardest of times. You wouldn’t expect that she’d live this far because she’s been through a lot. Heck, her mom, eldest brother, and father who seemed to be in a safe place or situation died before her. (haha….</3). She’s tough and she has substance. As a loyal supporter of House Stark, I believe they’ll go a long way even though most of them are “lone wolves” now.

Progress shots of my recent commission. Yes, it’s another drawing of Arya Stark. A client outside PH (wooot!) wanted me to draw her for his/her daughter! (Aww).

Anyway, I was really hesitant at first because school was starting but my excitement over the fact that it’s my first international commission ever overpowered my doubts. Honestly, I never thought I’d come up with a drawing like this. I thought I wasn’t capable of drawing realistic portraits - well, this is the closest I could get to it.

Had to go back to zero for several times because I just couldn’t get the face right but I’m glad I did after the fifth try, to be exact! Anxiety lured all over me during the times I worked on this. I had to make it worth the money that the client was willing to pay me. I’ve sent these shots to the parent and I couldn’t help but feel effervescent when she/he said “So far it looks amazing, it is way above my expectations so far and I couldn’t be happier with it.”I’m not sure which pronoun to use because we exchange messages on Reddit which is totally an anonymous site.

I’m not aiming for a very hyper-realist style to the point that you’d see every pore on her face. There are more brilliant artists than me who could do that so let’s leave it to them! Hehe

I’ll probably feel the legitimacy of my sense of achievement when this piece will reach my client who lives in New York (squeals).

P.S.: I only used an application on my phone to make this collage so I couldn’t place my official watermark. As I’ve said before, you guys are free to reblog or repost my works to other sites as long as you don’t remove my credit/tags. :)

More pics coming in another post.

Arya Stark/Valar Morghulis | Graphite pencils on Moleskine.

Finished this drawing last night. I decided to add the statement “Valar Morghulis” a.k.a “all men must die” in High Valyrian on the previous page to give this piece a more “complete” look. I used this picture of Maisie for reference.

I changed Maisie’s sweater pattern to my own liking which is floral because drawing knitwear would probably suck the life out of me. Kidding! I don’t usually do typography by hand so that’s why the lettering looks kind of messy/out of proportion.

Hope you guys like it!
Progress shots on my previous post.

Last semester, I unexpectedly got in to my current school’s publication which I was trying to avoid but I guess I’m sort of “liking” the experience now. Sort of. Yeah. Weeks before classes, I was assigned to design and lay-out advertising posters, I.D’s and other stuff (crazy, right?) for the organization. These are some of them. I admit it really bugged me because I felt like it was “too much” and I knew I wasn’t the only lay-out artist so it seemed unfair. But I’m glad they’re all done now. I just took it as an opportunity to enhance my “skills”.

My small contribution for SPC The Rock Student Publication’s recent issue of PETROS Magazine. “Small” because I only made one piece compared to my past contribution. But again, thank you to my friends at the publication (even though I’m not studying there anymore) who give me the opportunity for this kind of exposure. I really means something to me.

Also, thanks to Inna for giving me a screenshot of the lay-out, and to Eda and Tala for taking pictures from the mag itself. :D

When I started this blog, I’ve set out a rule that, along with the new works I post on my blog, I must also post a song I’ve been loving recently. However, I don’t just love this song…I have a need to listen to it several times a day. It’s probably one of my all time favorites now (Talk and All Comes Down also included).